At Alive comunicación we work in all areas of communication, offering to our clients an integral service 360º .
We are experts in what we do due to knowledge, experience and know-how, efficiency, added-value, closeness / empathy and support to our clients in all their communication and marketing needs are the features that characterize us. We are a communication boutique and develop Customer Centric strategies.
We know first hand the media environments of the different regions of Spain, Portugal and France.

Corporate Communication

Press & PR


Digital Marketing and Social Networks

• Strategic communication consulting
• Corporate communication (internal and external)
• Corporate identity
• Branding / Personal branding
• Mass media management
• Contact with influencers
• Public Affairs
• Spokespersons training
• Corporate events
• Fairs and congresses
• Presentations
• Mass Media events
• Press trips
• Digital strategy
• Digital contents
• Social networks
• Digital media and bloggers/influencers

We are the best in

Corporate Communication and Personal Branding

Biotechnology Communication

Editorial Communication

Events Communication